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About This Website

Welcome to the Middlebury Italian School on Middcreate! In order to further our goal of building better bridges of communication within the Italian School community, we have seized the unique digital opportunity offered by Middcreate. We hope that this website will bridge some traditional information gaps and promote the circulation of new ideas within our community.

This site is a work in progress. While we plan to expand in the future, the website is presently divided into three distinct sections: Aggiornamenti amministrativi, Noi della Scuola Italiana, and Pre-Immersion. Aggiornamenti amministrativi is an area for faculty and enrolled students. It is dedicated to administrative updates pertaining to the upcoming summer session. Pages in this section include up-to-date text book information, graduate course advising and the new online Italian School Guide. The section Noi della Scuola Italiana is a multi-faceted series of pages dedicated to alumni, as well as current and prospective students. It will eventually contain a blog, a discussion forum and an alumni gallery. Meanwhile the third section is a series of pre-immersion language exercises designed to help first level students prepare for their arrival at the Italian School.

Please send any feedback or questions regarding this site to

Vi ringrazio per la vostra attenzione.

– J. Tamagni, Italian School Coordinator


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