7-Week & 3-Week Opening Schedule


PLEASE NOTE: Locations and times are subject to change. Please refer to the online Italian School calendar to confirm times and locations once you arrive on campus.

Friday, June 16

11:00-20:00    Student Arrival & Check-inUpon arrival at Mills, please report to Orchard Meadow Hall to pick up your room key, arrival packet, and to register with the Italian School. Afterwards you should head to the Offices of the Italian School for a brief, individual meeting with Professor Antonio Vitti, Italian School Director.

15:00-17:00    International Student Processing (Reinhardt Living Room)

16:30-17:30    Individual Meetings with Professor Antonio Vitti by Appointment (a sign-up sheet will be posted in the Italian School Offices) – These meetings are for students that have not yet spoken about registration with Professor Vitti. (Orchard Meadow Hall, Room 185)

18:00-19:15    Dinner (Founders Hall)

19:45-22:00    Incontro Sociale (“Ballarò”, aka Orchard Meadow Basement)

Saturday, June 17

08:00-13:00    Brunch (Founders Hall)

10:00-10:50    Orientation for Levels 1, 1.5 & Italian for Adults (GSB 117)

11:00-12:00    Informal Italian Lessons for Levels 1 & 1.5 (Orchard Meadow Library)

11:00-12:00    Orientation for Levels 2, 3 & 4 (GSB 117)

14:00-15:00    Campus Tour (starts at Orchard Meadow Hall Main Entrance)

19:45-22:00    Tombola con biscotti e dolci (“Ballarò”)

18:00-19:15    Dinner (Founders Hall)

Sunday, June 18

08:00-13:00    Brunch (Founders Hall)

11:00-12:00    Yoga (Haas 116)

13:30-15:30    Mandatory Language Schools Training for Students, Faculty and Staff (GSB Gathering Hall)

16:30-18:00    Volleyball (Holmgren Meadow)

18:00-19:15    Dinner (Founders Hall)

19:45-22:00    Film presented by Professor Vitti (GSB 117)