Textbooks 2018

We are pleased to announce that for the summer of 2018, Middlebury College has partnered with MBS Direct to supply textbooks directly to Italian School students. You can find lists of textbooks and other course materials HERE.

Please click HERE for step by step instructions on how to navigate the new ordering site. Most books should be available for purchase after Monday, May 7, 2018.

If you are a 7-week student, please wait until your level has been confirmed. You will be contacted as soon as your confirmation is available.

If you are a 6-week graduate student, please complete course advising with Professor Vitti prior to ordering your books.

If you are a 3-week or Refresher student, there are no textbooks currently listed. Please contact Professor Vitti for more details.

While it is suggested that you order your books and have them arrive at your home prior to your departure for Mills, if you are unable to confirm your level/courses in time or have another compelling reason, you may ship your books directly to Mills. Please try your best to make your books arrive on campus at the same time as you; however, all professors have traditionally been instructed to have enough digital materials on hand to accommodate students who may have trouble obtaining texts in time for the first several days of class.

Your Mills mailing address will be:

    • [Your Name]
      Italian School Student
      Middlebury at Mills
      5000 MacArthur Blvd.
      Oakland, CA 94613–0972

If you are enrolled in ITAL 3310, ITAL 3415 and/or ITAL 6732, please note that you may need to pick up one or more of your books in the Italian School Offices AFTER paying for said books on the MBS website. Here is the list of specific book titles and their corresponding courses:

ITAL 3415             Le Parole le cose

ITAL 3415             Scontro di civilta’ per un ascensore a Piazzo Vittorio

ITAL 3310             Letteratura Italiana

ITAL 6732             Invito all’ascolto di Rossini

Graduate students enrolled in Professor Vitti’s cinema course will purchase their textbook directly from him when on campus.

All other textbook titles should be available on the MBS website if you choose to use it.