Pre-Immersion Dialogue Translations



Brian: Hi! My name is Brian.  What’s your name?

Beatrice: Hi Brian! I’m Beatrice. Where are you from?

Brian: I’m American. I live in Chicago. My friend Ben is from Boston.

Ben: Nice to meet you Beatrice. How are you?

Beatrice: Well thanks. And you?

Ben: So so. I am worried because I don’t understand everyone when they speak.

Beatrice: Do you understand when I speak?

Ben: Yes. Are you from Florence?  Where do you live?

Beatrice: Yes, I’m from Florence. I live in the San Frediano neighborhood.



Professor Rossi: Good morning. I am professor Rossi. What is your name? Where are you from?

Susan: Good morning professor Rossi. My name is Susan Smith. I am English and I live in London. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Professor Rossi: The pleasure is mine Ms. Smith.


AL TELEFONO/ON THE PHONE (from Expressions of Time)

Maria: Hello.

Anna: Hello Maria? It’s Anna.

Maria: Hi Anna. How are you?

Anna: I’m well, thanks. And you? Are you ready for your semester in Italy? When do you leave for Florence?

Maria: In 3 weeks. I can’t wait! The month of September is never going to get here

Anna: What is the exact date, so I can say goodbye.

Maria: I leave on September 7.

Anna: What day is that? A Monday?

Maria: No, it’s Saturday.

Anna: Great. What time is your flight?

Maria: The flight departs at 4pm

Anna: What are you doing today? Can I come by your house now or even later?

Maria: No, tomorrow is better. I have not been feeling well since yesterday so I want to rest. What time is it?

Anna: It is 10am

Maria: I am going to go then, I have a doctor’s appointment at 11am.

Anna: Bye!

Maria: Bye!