Graduate Course Advising

General Graduate Course Advising Information

Course advising with Professor Vitti is a mandatory part of the summer course registration process for all new and returning Middlebury Italian School graduate students enrolled in our MA, AMA or DML summer programs.

Graduate course advising with Professor Cuda for the academic year in Florence is a separate process. More information can be found here.

Course advising with Professor Vitti is conducted via phone, mostly between late February and early May. While some returning students typically contact Professor Vitti ( at their convenience after the New Year, the Assistant Director usually sends an official email notification in March that includes updated advising information, as well as links to current course descriptions and class schedules.

Course advising with Professor Vitti is not the same as official registration; however, it is a mandatory prerequisite for completing official online graduate course registration in early June. Students usually receive an official email in mid-May with detailed instructions for online course registration.