Faculty Addendum





PRE-ARRIVAL INFORMATION – Please carefully read the Italian School Faculty Pre-Arrival Information.

NON-EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE – When you need assistance for the first time regarding a particular (non-emergency) issue and are not sure with whom you should speak, your first step should always be to speak to the assistant on duty at the Italian School Front Desk. The assistant will either answer/resolve your question/concern or direct you to another staff member that will. Please remember to drop by the Front Desk during office hours and not disturb staff members during mealtimes in the dining hall. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

FACULTY OFFICE AT MILLS – The Italian School Faculty Office is located in Orchard Meadow Hall 180 and is equipped with two computers for the exclusive use of faculty. A printer and a photocopier are also located in this office. The room is open 24-7 but you will need your Middlebury at Mills ID access card to enter. Please make sure the door fully closes behind you (to avoid the annoying alarm that will sound if it is not).

COPYING – Though most course materials should be online or part of texts purchased by students, faculty will have limited access to copying and printing. For more information, please ask the assistant at the Front Desk.

TAX INFORMATION – If you have not already done so, please read and follow the directions in Middlebury’s brochure “Tax Guide: Indicazioni per professori e staff internazionali”. If you do not have a copy of this brochure, you can view the information here.

ITALIAN OFFICE SHARED CAR The car is available by reservation (in advance) for shopping, medical appointments, eating out etc. Reservation requests will be honored on a first come, first serve basis. The Italian School reserves the right to cancel a faculty reservation at any time should an urgent school business matter arise.

Faculty drivers of the shared car are responsible for any damage, fines, or gasoline used during their trip. Each faculty reservation is limited to a maximum of 3 hours. Faculty will not be permitted to reserve the car for consecutive days.

The car is available for use by faculty in possession of a valid US driver license. International driving permits are not recognized by the State of California, and the Middlebury insurance will not cover anyone driving with an international license. You will be asked to provide the state in which your license was issued, date of expiration and mobile contact number. For insurance reasons, students are not permitted to drive the school car.

The car should be returned to the parking lot at Orchard Meadow. The key should be returned to the Italian School Front Desk during office hours. Outside of office hours please make arrangements in advance to return the key to a staff member. Please report any tickets (parking, police etc.) immediately as well as any damage to the vehicle. If you are in an accident, please refer to the information in the glove box and notify Giuseppe Tamagni and Antonio Vitti.

*Italian School faculty wishing to reserve the LS shared van must do so via the Italian School Front Desk. All rules regarding the use of the shared car also apply to use of the shared van.